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About Patent Number Searcher

Eeasiest way to find patent numbers

Patent Number Searcher is the easiest way to find patents and patent applications because you can enter a range of different number formats and it still works!

Automatic patent number recognition

Many patent databases require you to enter patent numbers and patent application numbers in a very specific formats that aren't even compatible between different databases or number formats used in the publications. Sometimes you won't be able to find the right patent document unless you're familiar with the exact formats for each database...

We don't think this is right so we've created Patent Number Searcher to bridge the gap for the IP community. The Supported number formats page, has just a few of the many different formats that our Patent Number Searcher will recognise.

View and downlad patents from free databases

Find the patent you want quickly and easily. Just enter a patent publication number in any of the wide range of supported formats and go to your favorite patent database like Espacenet (run by the European Patent Office), Google Patents and USPTO (US Patent and Trademark Office). No more hassle with patent number formats!

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